If you would like to find out more about the curriculum at Sale High School please contact Mr Reeve, Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum and Timetable or the individual class teacher concerned.

Blended Learning Provision Table – Closed School Provision

Dear parents

Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring our students are successful learners. To support you with this, teaching staff regularly check students’ engagement and submission of work. Students demonstrate their engagement in different ways, for example: through joining the live lessons, completing  quick quizzes, sending an attachment/photograph to their teacher through SMHW or emailing the subject department. To keep you fully in the picture of how well your child is engaged , we have asked staff to notify parents if we are concerned that they are not keeping up with their school work. Clearly, there are times when work can be difficult or there are barriers to students engaging fully. If this is the case, please let us know, so we can support.

  • During this current period of closed school due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Sale High school provides live classes to students of critical workers and a blended learning approach to those studying remotely at home.
  • We understand the pressures that ‘home schooling’ can sometimes bring to working parents and we hope our approach goes some way to help to support you at this challenging time. The table below gives detail of each subjects teaching and learning strategies.
  • Our blended learning approach comprises a variety of teaching methods including recorded PowerPoints, recorded Zoom lessons and live Zoom lessons
  • We believe providing a timetable with varied techniques is the most appropriate for equitable technology access and to ensure a reasonable rest period from screens. We strongly encourage book /sheet reading, occasions to increase handwriting practice as well as opportunities to continue practicing practical and creative skills wherever possible. This includes regular fitness as well as outside exercise and activities. We offer school wide competitions and quizzes which can be found on our website as well as on the ‘flexible learning’ tab in Satchel 1 (SHMW)
  • Assessment and feedback are central to a learners development and continue in line with our usual practice: key pieces assessed with feedback and improvements expected. Whole class feedback to include guidance on any misconceptions and praise for resilience, effort and achievement.
  • We want to continue to instil a love and joy of learning, where mistakes are not things to be scared or ashamed of, but rather useful pointers for future improvements. That goes for us as teachers too!

Blended Learning Provision Table

Here is an instructional video for submitting work on Satchel1 (SMHW):

Our Curriculum

You will find some helpful guidance and tips for exam preparation in our guide to exams and assessment