Super Learning Days

If you would like any further information about Super Learning Days (SLD) or the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum please contact Mr J Reeve, Assistant Headteacher, teacher of History and SLD coordinator.

What is a Super Learning Day?

At Sale High School PSHE and Citizenship are delivered to students through a series of five Super Learning Days (SLDs) which take place over the course of the year. SLDs are tailored to each year group and bring together school staff and guest speakers.

Delivering this aspect of the curriculum through SLDs gives the students a richer and more in depth learning experience.

The days are extremely enjoyable and ensure our students learn to:

Be Safe

These lessons focus on safety and cover a wide range of topics from road safety, first aid and alcohol safety depending on the year group.  All year groups receive a lesson on E-Safety which cover the use of electronic devices and the internet, social media and online shopping amongst other topics.

Be Respected

Focusing on sex and healthy relationships, students are encouraged to talk about their views on subjects such relationships, self esteem as well as family.  We engage with the students to ensure they understand each others opinions as well as being taught about what is appropriate within healthy relationships.

Be Inspired

Careers and enterprise are inevitably going to be a huge part of our students’ lives when they leave school, in their further education or career.  We encourage students to think about their future and what pathways they might take to reach their goals, as well as teaching students about their own rights when they are employed.

Be Healthy

Tackling all issues around keeping healthy, including subjects such as daily hygiene, as well as issues around drugs, alcohol and smoking.  Students are also taught about dealing with stress and how it can affect them, as well as the support on offer to help them.  There is a focus on both mental and physical health.

Be an Active Citizen

Focusing on themes around democracy and the political system in the UK including how it is developing and the role of political parties, the law and the justice system and the role of international law and human rights. It also covers the key elements of the constitution and the roles of parliament, citizens and the free press in holding those in power to account. Students are also taught financial education including the functions and uses of money in society, budgeting, managing risk and how public money is raised and spent.