High Performing Students

At Sale High School we aim to provide all students with the right level of stimulus, stretch and challenge to ensure that they make rapid and sustained progress in their learning. We recognise that for our highest performing students this will mean some bespoke provision in addition to our high-quality provision for all.


Our curriculum is designed with all students in mind. For our High Prior Attainers we ensure the following:

  • The National Curriculum is taught in full breadth and depth in Years 7-9
  • Qualifications in wide range of well respected, challenging and rigorous subjects can be studied in Year 10-11
  • Most High Prior Attainers will study the EBacc combination of subjects (seen as a measure of a school’s ambition for its students) in Years 10-11
  • Curriculum descriptions on the school website signpost opportunities for extended learning and wider reading

Teaching and Learning supports our high performing students in the following ways:

  • Students are given ambitious target grades (based on what similar students attending one of the highest performing 20% of schools achieve)
  • Take It Further (TIF) tasks provide increased and additional challenge in all subject areas
  • Targeted questioning extends, stretches and engages at the right level
  • Knowledge Organisers are used to review and embed learning
  • Opportunities to reflect and identify the pieces of work that they are most proud of
  • House points and rewards assemblies
  • A full-time librarian is available to support reading for pleasure and good reading habits
  • There are many opportunities for a wide range of off-site visits and studies


A group of our highest performing students are invited to take part in our Sale Scholars programme. This includes the following:

  • A masterclass programme of additional lessons after school
  • Additional support in achieving the SALE Awards, joining extra-curricular clubs and participation in internal and external competitions
  • Aim Higher events to encourage participation in higher education


Opportunities for further enrichment:

  • Student Leadership opportunities
  • Extra-curricular clubs
  • Fund raising for charities
  • D of E Award
  • School productions and performance
  • Connexions – independent careers advice


If you would like further information about provision in a particular subject area please contact your child’s subject teacher. If you would like further information about our wider provision please contact Mr Reeve.



Summer Focus


This term our focus is literacy.

Reading is an essential skill as well as a pleasurable activity. The reading ability of your child is vital in bringing about the success at school and in future life. At Sale High School we are committed to continuing to develop your child’s reading abilities and challenging them to help them to develop into active readers who can face the demands of a modern world with confidence. We would like to take the opportunity to share with you some of our advice on reading and help you to further develop and challenge your child outside of the classroom.

Reading Matters