Year 7 Admissions & Appeals

Admissions to Year 7 – September 2024

For further information on admission to Year 7 please contact the school reception on 0161 973 2713

Sale High School is a caring, supportive and aspirational school serving the local and wider community. We welcome all pupils, regardless of their background and ability, challenging them to achieve their full potential.

Our policy seeks to meet the needs of all children and is determined with reference to the Coordinated Admissions Arrangements under which all children are admitted to schools in Year 7.

All applications are made to the home Local Authority (LA) where the child lives. LA’s will provide an application form to each parent which must be completed and returned by the due date to the home LA. Parents of pupils outside Trafford LA can apply for a place at Sale High School using the application form provided by their ‘home LA.’

The priority catchment area for Sale High School is all postcode areas within M33, WA14, WA15 and M32. We also welcome children from postcode M23 and from other postcodes, when there are vacancies.

Sale High School will admit students to Year 7 in September, up to the admission number. Please note the Published Admission Number for September 2024 is 210.

Admissions Criteria

Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below.

1. ‘Looked after Children’ both currently and previously (as defined in the Education Act 2002 – Admissions).

2. Siblings: children who have brothers and sisters enrolled at this school at the time of admission (September 2024) and live within the priority catchment area.

Siblings are defined as half / step / adopted / foster brothers or sisters, and any other children who are living at the same address as part of the same family unit.

3. All other applicants living within the priority catchment area

4. Siblings: All other children who have brothers and sisters enrolled at this school at the time of admission (September 2024) who live outside the priority catchment area.

5. All other applicants outside the catchment area.

For each of the criteria listed above, if the demand for place exceeds the admission number, the rank order will be determined by the proximity of the child’s home to the school.

To find out more about transition from primary school to high school please view our transition information.

Further information regarding our admissions policy and criteria can be found here

Admissions Policy 2024-2025

Unsuccessful Applications

Unsuccessful applicants may ask to be placed on a waiting list and considered for any places that may arise in the future. These places will be awarded in accordance with the criteria listed above. This waiting list will be maintained to the end of the first term of the school year.

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Year 7 Appeals

If your application for a place for your child at Sale High School for September 2024 has been refused, you have a right of appeal against this decision. Please read through the guidance below. If you have any queries please contact

Sale High School Appeals Timetable March 2024

Explanatory guidance