Sale High School prides itself on its examinations processes and procedures. Throughout the academic year students will undergo assessments under examination conditions in preparation for their GCSEs. For further information about examinations, please contact Miss A Tytler, Examinations Officer.




Replacement / Lost Certificates for past students




Exam Board Regulations and Useful Links

All examinations are run by the rules and regulations laid down by the joint awarding bodies.  All schools must adhere to these rules.  These rules exist to ensure fair and equal conditions for all students.  All instances of misconduct will be reported to the examination board.

Below is a selection of JCQ notices which candidates must read before sitting their examinations.

JCQ-Preparing-to-sit-your-exams (3)

Information for candidates – requirements & behaviour 

Information for candidates – Onscreen tests 

Social-Media-Information-for-Candidates_Final (3)

Information for candidates – No mobile phones

IFC-Written_Examinations_2022_FINAL (2)

Information for candidates – Controlled Assessments 

Information for candidates – Coursework

IFC-NE_Assessments_2022_FINAL (1)

Information for candidates – Privacy notice



Help your child beat exam stress – NHS

If you require further information or have concerns please contact our Examinations Officer, Miss A Tytler.