October 2023 Half Term - Year 11 Revision Timetable


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Revision guide list 2023/2024

COMPUTER SCIENCEGCSE Computer Science OCR Complete Revision & PracticeCGP£6.00Y10&119781789085587Computer Science Y10 and Y11
DRAMAAQA GCSE Drama, by Annie FoxIlluminate23.279781911208211Optional for GCSE Drama classes
DTDesign & Technology GCSE Revision GuideDaydream2.7910&119781906248529DT Classes 10 and 11
E LANGGCSE AQA English Language RevisionCGP5.5010978 1 78294 414 0All Y10 and Y11
E LANGGCSE AQA English Language WorkbookCGP2.7510978 1 78294 370 9All Y10 and Y11
E LITA Christmas Carol – WorkbookCGP2.7510no978 1 78294 780 6All Y10 and Y11
E LITAn Inspector Calls – Text GuideCGP2.7511978 1 84146 115 1All Y11
E LITGCSE English Literature AQA Poetry Guide: Power and ConflictCGP2.7511978 1 78294 361 7All Y11
E LITGCSE English Text Guide – A Christmas CarolCGP2.7510978 1 78294 309 9All Y10 and Y11
E LITGCSE English Text Guide – MacbethCGP2.7511978 1 84146 116 8All Y11
E LITMacbeth – The WorkbookCGP2.7511no978 1 78294 777 6All Y11
E LITPower and Conflict – The WorkbookCGP2.7511no978 1 78294 819 3All Y11
E LITAn Inspector Calls – WorkbookCGP2.7511no978 1 78294 776 9All Y11
FOODGCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition WJEC EDUQAS revision guideCGP3.1510&119781782946526Food Y10 and 11 classes
FRENCHGCSE AQA French – Complete Revision GuideCGP6.5010978 1 78294 539 0Y10/11 French classes
FRENCHGCSE AQA French – Revision WorkbookCGP2.5010978 1 78294 538 3Y10/11 French classes
GEOGMy Revision Notes: AQA GCSE (9-1) GeographyHodder Education8.5010 & 119781471887314all 10 and 11 Geog classes
H&SCBTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care Revision GuidePearson5.9910 & 119781292245614all HSC classes
HISTORYAQA GCSE History – Migration, Empires & the people c790 to presentHodder Education6.9910&119781398312357all History classes
HISTORYAQA CGP GCSE History 9-1CGP3.2510&11978 1 78294 604 5all History classes
MATHSAQA GCSE 9-1 Maths Higher complete revision and practiceCollins5.0010&119780008112509check with teacher
MATHSAQA GCSE 9-1 Maths Foundation Complete Revision and Practice.Collins5.0010&119780008112516check with teacher
PEAQA GCSE (9-1) PE Second Edition by Kirk BizleyHodder Education7.0010 & 11978 1 5104 0523 3All PE classes
SCI BIOBiology Revision book HIGHERPearson2.6510&119781292131719Triple classes
SCI BIOBiology Work book HIGHERPearson2.7010&119781292131764Triple classes
SCI CHEMChemistry Revision Book HIGHERPearson2.6510&119781292131924Triple classes
SCI CHEMChemistry Workbook HIGHERPearson2.7010&119781292131948Triple classes
SCI COMBCombined Science Revision Book – FOUNDATIONPearson4.4010&119781292131597Combined science classes
SCI COMBCombined Science Revision Book – HIGHERPearson4.4010&119781292131634Combined science classes
SCI COMBCombined Science Workbook – FOUNDATIONPearson4.5010&119781292131559Combined science classes
SCI COMBCombined Science Workbook – HIGHERPearson4.5010&119781292131580Combined science classes
SCI PHYSPhysics Revision Book HIGHERPearson2.6510&119781292133706Triple classes
SCI PHYSPhysics Work book HIGHERPearson2.7010&119781292133683Triple classes
SPANISHGCSE AQA  Spanish complete revision and practiceCGP6.5011978 1 78294 548 2Year 10/11 Spanish classes
SPANISHGCSE  AQA Spanish exam practice workbookCGP2.5011978 1 78294 547 5Year 10/11 Spanish classes
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Priority – for English Literature we have suggested some optional Workbooks that you can order in addition to the Text Guides. However, the Text Guides are the priority.
Year – in order to help you budget and spread the cost we have indicated whether books are needed in Year 10 and/or Year 11.
We make every effort to sell these books at the lowest price and school discounts are passed on to parents. However, you may be able to find some items cheaper online.