Vision and Values

Our mission at Sale High School is to be the school of choice for our community where every child succeeds.

Our beliefs and values:

Outcomes matter. We are very proud to have high expectations and to promote a strong work ethic

People matter. We work hard at relationships and treat everyone with humanity and respect. We are proud of how well we know each individual and of the love and support we show each member of the Sale High family.

Learning matters. Personal growth and development continues throughout one’s entire life. In embracing this idea, we strive to be the ‘very best version of ourselves’ each new day

Our vision is to be:

An outstanding community of learners, both staff and students, who are:

  • Happy and proud of their own achievements and proud of their school
  • Supported, safe and known
  • Strong, resilient and positive about life
  • Enabled and taking the lead in positively changing the world for the better

We understand that in accomplishing our vision we will be most effective when:

  • All stakeholders: staff, governors, parents and children, understand their responsibilities and work together towards the same goals
  • Parents understand how they can best support their children and are enabled to do so
  • The parent school relationship is positive and mutually supportive and focused on a sense of working together productively for the good of the child