Parental Testimonials

“Having attended the Open Evening, my husband and I wanted to congratulate you on how your students were great ambassadors for the school. We had a pair of Year 8 students showing us around and they couldn’t have given a more positive view of the school.”


“Can I just take this opportunity to reiterate what I said on the phone last week, we really feel we’ve made the right choice of School for our daughter – Mum’s talk as I’m sure you know, and it’s clear from what other parents are saying that Sale High School really does seem to be the School which cares for the students and not just the results!”


“I just want to say that all you teachers and other staff are amazing! You do an incredible job and I don’t know how you do it. Thank you.”


“A couple of weeks ago I pulled up at the crossing in Sale Moor to allow some of your pupils to cross the road. Not only did they smile and wave but also said thankyou. A rare occurrence these days. Just a small matter but I thought you may like to hear this. The four boys looked like year 7 or 8.”


“I would just like to say how amazing the student were at the open evening last night. I have visited a few schools in recent weeks and I have to say the students are Sale High were a credit to you. They were funny, confident, helpful, kind and so easy to communicate with!”


“With utmost respect and trust, we as parents, would like to sincerely thank all his teachers and SHS staff members, for their kindness, support and empathy. Since the time he started attending classes here in Sept 2019, your commitment to the safety of kids, promoting right behaviour, great teaching and most importantly the relentless efforts to keep the parents up to date on school affairs through your excellent communication mechanism are just a few areas we would like to truly recognise and appreciate. We wish all the best to the entire SHS staff, and the student community.”


“Thank you again for your support with this, this level of individualised care for the students is why I love Sale High so much and why it is the best choice for my children. My son will be joining in Y7 next year!”


“Can I just express our thanks for organising such a wonderful trip for the scholars to London yesterday. My son had such an amazing time with memories that will remain with him forever – being his first major school trip. Although thoroughly exhausted and probably asleep in class today, he was so excited to tell us all what happened on way home and sure more details will come as he remembers them. Your hard work in organising and looking after them is greatly appreciated!”


“I attended your School today to deliver a wheelchair Rugby Session from Sale Sharks. The pupils and staff were outstanding. The pupils were polite, respectful and fun. They were fully engaged for the two-hour session and the staff were very helpful. I wish every school we coach in was like yours.”


“Fantastic school!”


“I was speaking to someone who’d been an exam invigilator at Sale High…. She said how impressed she’d been with the behaviour and manners of the pupils and that the staff had been lovely too!”


“I was so impressed with the Student Council at Sale High School when they visited Trafford Council Town Hall yesterday. Such an inspiring group of young people!” – Councillor Tom Ross
“It was a great pleasure and a wonderful experience in Sale High School on Cultural day celebration. I have been to other schools but I have never experienced this kind of celebration which give so much encouragement to school children.”