SALE Awards

The SALE Awards is a student personal development scheme designed to promote exposure to a wide range of age-appropriate, life enriching experiences and foster some of the most valued behaviours and attitudes in students. Some of these activities can be completed out of school and opportunities will be provided for some to be completed in school. SALE Awards aim to give you life experiences outside the ‘everyday norm’ that will give you the confidence to make brave choices beyond your time at Sale High School.

The Awards are divided into four categories:

S for Studies – show a growth mind-set and the positive behaviours that will enable you to achieve

A for Attitude – show a positive attitude which will benefit you and those around you

L for Leadership – show the skills, courage and sense of responsibility needed for leadership

E for Extra-curricular – show your passion for a wide range of hobbies and interests outside the classroom

If students complete any 5 challenges from a category they will be awarded the corresponding badge.

If students manage to achieve all 4 SALE badges they will receive a special prize and can go onto working towards increasing their total number of challenges complete. Further badges will be given for 25, 30, 40 and 50 challenges complete.

We believe this is a really exciting opportunity for your child to be involved in and great enrichment to support college and career applications later on in life. Please encourage your child to get involved and have a talk to them about which activities they are going to try first.

For more information on our SALE Awards, please click here.