July 2020

Dear Parent/Carer


It has been the strangest spring and summer term I think that anyone can remember and suddenly we find ourselves in the last week of the year! With the lockdown restrictions on schools being gradually lifted we have massively enjoyed having our Y10 students back in. In addition, we have been able to have some very small scale year 6 visits- in their primary ‘bubble groups’. It has been lovely to meet them and a relief that they have an opportunity to visit their new schools- even for a very brief time- before September’s transition.

You will be aware that we have now had the guidance regarding all students returning to school in September. I have attached a link to it here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/actions-for-schools-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/guidance-for-full-opening-schools

We were pleased to receive the guidance as we had been waiting for it for some time! We knew that there would be lots of organisation and planning to do and were keen to get the process started as quickly as possible to give families and staff as much notice as possible, of our plans, before the six-week holiday.

Our key priority is getting the students back to school. We will be working to

  • Make sure they feel safe and secure in school
  • Ensure we are able to quickly address any areas of learning that they have missed or feel less confident on
  • Get students quickly up to speed with the measures we put in place to keep everyone safe to relieve any anxiety and ensure our organisation runs smoothly for everyone
  • Ensure they understand the expectations we have of them in being ‘ready, safe and respectful’ on their return

There has been a lot of thinking, consulting and risk assessment to do. I have worked with Trafford, Public Health Greater Manchester and other head teachers in putting together our risk assessment and plans. I have also met with our senior leadership team, middle level leaders in school, the whole staff and staff representatives. We have taken advice from HR in Trafford and the unions. Our governing body have also read the plans in full, discussed drafts with me and approved our risk assessment and re-opening plans.

The guidance advises a number of measures to mitigate risk

  • A requirement that people who are ill stay at home
  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Enhanced cleaning arrangements in school
  • active engagement with NHS Test and Trace

As a school, we also need to consider:

  • How to reduce contacts between students and between staff and students
  • How to maximise distance between those in school wherever possible
  • How to minimise the potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable

I have summarised some of our arrangements below. However, as there will be so much that will be ‘new’, I am also compiling a list of COVID 19 September Return to School Frequently Asked Questions that I will be sending home shortly.

From September, all students will be in year group bubbles. Through this, we will minimise their contact as far as possible with other students. We will be teaching students in KS3 in a ‘class bubble’ and they will be in this class for all their lessons. This is in order to minimise their contacts during the day and minimise movement into and of different groups of students around the school. Because of their different option groups, KS4 will remain in broadly the same teaching groups and sets as previously.

Your child will be in a form group with others from their year. Regretfully, we will not be able to have our vertical tutor groups of different years together. This means that they will almost certainly be having a new tutor in September.

From week two, we will have a staggered start and end to the school day in order to meet our obligation to keep students separate in separate year groups. Your child will only be allowed to arrive at school at their allotted time. Students will also have an allotted finish time, which will be different for different year groups. If siblings are travelling in together and one is therefore arriving before their allotted start time they will be asked to wait in their playground area.

I will be writing separately to those who take the school bus. We will be sending out a short survey about school bus use and it is very important that you complete it so we can liaise with Transport for Greater Manchester

All student movement around the school will be controlled and managed by ourselves in order to keep our community safe. Students will be using separate toilets by year group and have separate social time and eating arrangements. We will not be having large gatherings or assemblies.

Students will follow their normal, full timetable. We will be working hard to identify areas of missed learning and supporting them in catching up. On days when they have PE we will ask them to come to school in their PE kit. Normal, full school uniform will be worn from September. We will not be able to share equipment so students must have a bag, own stationary: pen, pencils, rubber, ruler and calculator. We will be supplying each child with a mini whiteboard for their use and they must keep this safe. We can no longer have communal water fountains. Students should bring a filled water bottle for their use during the day.

In addition, we will be asking students to sanitise at regular intervals throughout the day. If your child has allergies, can you please send them in with their own allergy friendly sanitiser? All students can of course bring their own sanitiser as they wish.

Students will need to wear a mask if travelling on public transport and will need a bag to place a reusable mask in, for example a zip lock sandwich or freezer bag, to store it safely during the day. Disposal masks MUST be placed in the bin on arrival at school. We will not be able to provide students with masks and it is essential that students are provided with one for the journey home. Thank you.


From September, we will be limiting visitors on site by invitation only. We also have to avoid cross contamination. This means reception will not be open to drop off forgotten kit, lunch money etc. Thank you for supporting us with this.


WEEK 1, week commencing 7th September

When we return in September, school will look like a very different place. We have changed the layout of classrooms, corridors and social spaces. Students will have to follow rigorous direction to keep them safe and to keep them separate. We also know that when they return they will have been out of school for almost six months and that some may be anxious and concerned about the return. We will be doing all we can to look after them and support them. We also must make sure that students quickly get used to our new systems so we are sure that we are fully COVID safe.

Therefore, we have agreed that our return in September is staggered by year groups. We will then be able to give absolute attention to each year group and ensure that the system of control we put in place works before we have everyone back in.



Year groups will attend as follows in week 1:


Students Required   In School

Monday 7th September

Year 7 at 8.45- arrive dining hall entrance, front of school, depart 3.00

Year 11 arrive at 9.00- Croft Rd entrance, depart 3.00

    When they are        not in school     students will       be completing       work set on   ‘Show My  Homework’

Tuesday 8th September

Year 7 at 8.45- dining hall entrance, depart 3.00

Year 11 arrive at 9.00- Croft Rd entrance, depart 3.00

Wednesday 9th September

Year 8 arrive 8.45, enter through front hall doors, depart 3.00

Thursday 10th September

Year 9 arrive 8.45, enter through front hall doors, depart 3.00

Friday 11th September

Year 10 arrive 8.45, enter through front hall doors, depart 3.00

Students will attend school as follows in week 2:

Monday 14th September

Year 11 arrive 9.00, depart 3.00 or 3.55 depending on Period 6

Year 10, arrive 8.45,   depart 2.45

Tuesday 15th September

Year 11 times as above

Year 10 times as above

Year 8 arrive 8.45, depart 2.45

Wednesday 16th September

Year 11, Year 10, Year 8 times as above

Year 9 arrive 9.00, depart 3.00

Thursday 17th September

All Years

Year 7 at 9.00, depart 3.00

Year 8 arrive 8.45, depart 2.45

Year 9 arrive 9.00, depart 3.00

Year 10, arrive 8.45,   depart 2.45

Year 11: arrive 9.00, depart 3.00 or 3.55 depending on Period 6

Friday 18th September

All Years as times given above


From week 3 onwards, students should attend every day at the following times: students will be told their set entrance and exit points on their return

Years 8 and 10

Arrive at 8.45, depart at 2.45

Years 7 and 9

Arrive at 9.00, depart at 3.00

Year 11

Arrive at 9.00

Depart at 3.55 after period 6 Mon, Tues and Weds, 3.05 on Thurs and Fri


I know that this is a lot of information! We will be writing individually to each year group towards the end of August, repeating this information and including any additional guidance, we need to give, by specific year group

In addition, I have made a short video with the key information in this letter. You can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/100002665346970/videos/2958665244232291/

Our risk assessment is available on the website: link here: https://salehighschool.org.uk/images/Risk_Assessment_For_September_2020.docx

We have prepared a list of COVID 19 Frequently asked questions, which I will put on the website and update as any new questions arise. Link is here: https://salehighschool.org.uk/images/FAQ_for_parents_COVID_19_2.docx


We have also recently received a consultation document from the government regarding GCSE examinations in 2021. It is very likely that exams will start 3 weeks later than normal and some subjects will have a slightly reduced content. Most subjects will be assessed as originally intended and we are putting in place plans to ensure that students are as well prepared as ever.


Our exams Officer, Mrs Chappel, will be writing to all Year 11 families about arrangements for this.


We have a number of staff leaving this summer and we would like to wish them well in their future ventures. We will miss them!

Of our teaching support staff, we are bidding goodbye to Mrs Bickerton and Mrs Neilson. They are leaving with our massive thanks for all they have done to support our young people, particularly those accessing our Aspire provision. Mrs Bickerton is moving on to work in a further education college and Mrs Neilson is beginning her PhD to train as an Educational Psychologist. I really hope our paths cross again.

Two of our teaching staff are also leaving us and they will be missed. From Humanities Miss Robinson is moving on to a new post where she can extend her teaching repertoire and teach A level History. Mrs Beswick has a new post and her family are completely re locating to the country! Their contributions have been immeasurable: Miss Robinson- who was a student here herself - has been a total asset in teaching humanities and in the work, she has led on ethos and rewards. Mrs Beswick has been a fantastic teacher of computing and has enriched the lives of our young people with her work on Sale Scholars, promoting digital careers and amazing extracurricular provision. Best of luck to them and thanks from us all.



We will have a very limited staff in school over the holidays. We will not be staffing reception, nor will the answer machine be taking messages- this is simply because we will not be able to respond. Similarly, info@ will not be staffed. We will be able to respond again from 17th August onwards. Thank you for your understanding.



Just thank you so much again for all your messages of support and the utterly sterling work you have done in home schooling and supporting us in providing education to our young people since March 23rd. Let’s all hope that the coming academic year is uneventful and we can get back to more everyday wonder.

I hope you and your families have a lovely, peaceful summer

Best wishes from all at Sale High,


Jayne O'Grady