Education is experiencing some radical changes over the next few years. New curriculums, assessments and grading systems being just a few. We endeavour to set ambitious targets, monitor all our student’s progress, support and intervene at the earliest opportunity. We believe, from the moment a student starts Sale High School that they should have aspirational dreams, goals and targets. When students, parents and schools work together, a child can flourish.


If at any time of the year you have concerns over your child’s progress or assessment please contact Mrs Rainey through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How do we track progress?

Once a child comes to Sale High School we set them a Year 11 target and would expect them to make small steps each year. Targets are originally set using data from primary schools but we know that all students develop at different rates, so if a child has made rapid progress we would simply alter their pathway to set new and challenging targets.


GCSE Grading System

Year 7-11 are tracked using the new GCSE number grades. Grading using this system allows us to offer swift and effective intervention whatever the year group that they are in. Using a GCSE number grading system is challenging for all students and sometimes a student will not meet grade 1, if this is the case they will be assessed using the letter P, which stands for pre grade 1. A Grade 5 has been set as a good pass and is intended to act as a benchmark against international standards. A Grade 7 should be proportional to those that were awarded an A or A*. An example of how to achieve a Grade 5 by the End of Year 11 is broken down into expected targets below.


Pathways at Sale High School  



  • Termly Reviews contain teacher assessment grades, predictions, attitude to learning, homework and targets. These will be available 3x a year for KS3 and 5x a year for KS4.
  • A full written report once a year
  • End of Year examination once per year

Parents can access e-portal to view this information.Click here for full instructions on how to access eportal.



How to access eportal guide  


If you lose your password or have trouble accessing this information please contact Mrs Stanley (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Parents Evening

Each Year group will one Parents Evening per year. See the School calendar for dates and times.Year 7 will have an additional meet the form tutor evening where parents can see how their child has settled in.These will run 5-7.30pm, access will be through the Dinning Room. This is a vital opportunity to see your child’s subject teachers. The SEN department or visit the Senior Leadership Surgery.Booking open around 3 weeks before the actual Parent Evening and are booked using an online system that can be accessed through the Sale High home page. Full instructions on how to book Parents Evenings are on the following link.




How to book Parents Evening Guide