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For further information regarding the Governing Body or applying to become and school governor, please contact Mrs S Stead, PA to the Headteacher



The Governing body of Sale High School together with the Headteacher, Senior Leaders and Staff share a vision and a determination to ensure that Sale High School offers every pupil the opportunity to succeed and reach their potential. Governors may be contacted by writing to the school addressing correspondance for the attention of the Clerk to the Governors. If you are interested in becoming a school governor please contact Sue Stead, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


A message from the Chair of Governors, Graham Luccock

The Governing Body at Sale High School is clear that the School is a vital part of the community it serves. Governors play an important role within the School and work with the Headteacher, senior leaders, parents, students and members of the community.

We are, in Sale High School, determined that the success of every student is our primary aim and the school will prepare them for the next steps in their lives around employment, education and their experience in the wider world. Governors are appointed from a variety of backgrounds to support the school and ensure that it is being led and managed well. Our role is also to see that the school achieves the highest possible standards whether it is around achievement of students, excellence in teaching and learning, student behaviour and attendance and the safety and health of everyone in the school community.

We meet regularly at school with the Headteacher and Senior leaders as well as attending events such as parents' evenings, concerts and open days. Our focus at meetings includes the improvement of students' outcomes, overseeing the school's finances and ensuring the school estate is fit for purpose. We enjoy and encourage meeting with parents to obtain their views on the school and will ensure their voice is heard through feedback where appropriate.

Governors, along with staff at Sale High School have a passionate commitment to the school and its success in the future. Education is the keystone of young peoples` lives and we want to give everyone the opportunity to succeed and achieve their individual ambitions. If you are interested in becoming a governor, either now or in the future, we welcome applications. Please contact the School and they will give you the relevant details and information.


The Governing Body membership is as follows

 Business Committee

 Standards & Achievement committee

 Pay Committee

Bob Lowe (Chair)

Graham Luccock (Chair)

Graham Luccock 

Mark Davies

Steven Longden 

David Hopps

David Hopps

Cheryl Smith

Bob Lowe

Chris Boyes

Sharon Gardner

 Pay Appeals Committee

Michaela Marfleet

Elizabeth Parry

Mark Davies

Amanda Nicholson 

Nicolas Wheeler

Cheryl Smith 

Jayne O’Grady

Parent vacancy  


Staff links:

Jayne O’Grady

Staff links:

Kath Chapple, James Reeve, Louise Rainey

Staff links:

Jayne O’Grady

 Area of responsibility


 SLT/staff links

Leadership and management

Graham Luccock, David Hopps

Jayne O’Grady

Data Tracking and pupil progress

Graham Luccock, Nicolas Wheeler

Louise Rainey, Ian Flanagan Smith

School Finance

Bob Lowe, David Hopps

Sam Finch 

Buildings and premises

Mark Davies, Michala Marfleet

Sam Finch

SEN and support

Sharon Gardner 

Isobel Walter

Safeguarding & Behaviour

Sharon Gardner

James Scully, Adam Cree 

Quality of teaching and Learning

Cheryl Smith

James Reeve, Kath Chapple

Transition KS2-3 /KS4-5 and events

Chris Boyes

James Scully, Charlotte Hulton

Pupil Premium and Attendance

Sharon Gardner

Louise Rainey, Adam Cree

Health and Safety

Michala Marfleet

Jayne O’Grady, Sam Finch 

Careers Amanda Nicholson Jon Williams, James Reeve 


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Further information

Instrument of Governance

 Annual Governance Statement 2018/19

 Governor Improvement Plan 2018/19

 Register of Interests 2018/19

 Calendar of Meetings 2018 - 2019