School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school. Sale High School is a fully uniformed school and we ask for parents support in ensuring that all students wear the correct uniform.

Being dressed appropriately helps students to develop a sense of pride in their school.


Please note, that the Governing Body have passed a change to our uniform from September 2018. This will affect our new incoming year 7 students in particular. Students in other years will also be able to wear the new uniform but there is no compunction to do so and we do not wish to burden parents with additional costs. From September, all students will be expected to wear a clip on house tie and will be given one on the first day back in September in exchange for their old tie; New Year 7 students will be asked to purchase from the school reception. All students will be asked to be in a white cotton shirt from September which can be purchased from any outlet.


Uniform for all from September 2018 
Items ** compulsory year 7 only, optional for all other years

 All items with SHS logo available from our official uniform supplier John McHugh, Stretford 


Please click here for a comprehensive price list 2019/2020

Plain white shirt

Clip on school house tie

Grey v neck sweater with school logo ** 

Navy v neck sweater with school logo still permitted for other years

Dark grey tailored trousers from uniform supplier

Navy straight or box pleated knee length skirt

Pleated school kilt **

Navy school blazer with Sale High School badge (compulsory item to be worn at all times)

Plain black or grey socks/ not over knee /plain black/navy tights

Dark suitable school coat

Headscarves may only be worn as part of religious observance, and should be navy or grey. Coloured or patterned headscarves are not permitted. 

Suitable plain black shoes (see attached guidance for shoes. No trainers permitted)

Large waterproof bag to carry books, kit/equipment

Sale High branded water bottle ** (available to buy at the Parents Information Evening on 27 June 2019 or from the school reception) 

PE Kit

PE polo shirt with school logo

Navy shorts/skort

Navy/sky blue socks

Training shoes with non-marking soles

Football boots/shin pads

Optional items (to be purchased from uniform supplier)

Navy/sky blue rugby shirt

Tapered tracksuit bottoms with logo

Navy school logo leggings

PE drawstring bag with logo 



For all subjects, students will need:

Pens, pencils, ruler eraser (all in a pencil case) 

Pencil crayons/felt tips, pencil sharpener

Maths: a scientific calculator

English: biro/ink pen and a pocket dictionary

Languages: a French/Spanish dictionary (dependent upon language taken from year 7)

September 2018 will take French

KS3 students: reading book

Please note: Tippex/correction fluid is not permitted



Further guidance on the type of shoes which are allowed can be found here

Sale High School does not have a school scarf. Students may wear a dark blue or black scarf on their way to and from school


Further explanation and details regarding uniform can be found in our Uniform policy


If you have any queries or are unsure what the changes mean for your child please contact either John McHugh or the school office who will be happy to advise you.