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Home School Agreement





For more information about how you and your child can work together with the school please contact Mr A Cree, Director of Behaviour, Ethos and Attendance.


Sale High School is an innovative learning community.

Our aim is to provide the very best educational opportunities enabling each student to develop their talents, grow in confidence and self-esteem and fulfil their potential.

This can be done most effectively when staff, parents and children understand their responsibilities and work together towards the same goals, as detailed in our Home School Agreement.

The School

As a school we will do our best to:

Provide a carefully planned curriculum matched to the needs of your child, along with a variety of enrichment activities

Keep parents and carers informed about the work planned for each term

Provide a supportive, secure and caring environment in which your child can achieve their potential

Arrange parent meetings to discuss academic progress and provide written progress reports each term

Provide clear expectations of behaviour as set out in our behaviour policy

Contact parents or carers as soon as we become concerned about a student's progress, behaviour, uniform or equipment

Listen to and respond quickly to any concerns students, parents and carers may have

Set, mark and monitor homework on a regular basis in line with the school's Homework Policy.

Keep parents and carers informed about the school's achievements and activities

Make sure that all students and their families are made to feel welcome in school and ensure their knowledge, expertise and opinions are valued

Provide parents and carers opportunities to become involved in the life of the school


As Governors we will do our best to:

Seek financial efficiency and value for money

Draw up and publish a full set of school policies

Consult with, and report to, parents and carers

Ensure compliance with statutory obligations including Health and Safety Regulations Monitor and review all aspects of the school's work


As Parents/Carers we will do our best to:

Make sure our child attends school regularly, on time and in full and correct uniform

Ensure our child has all the necessary equipment and kit every day to take part in the life of school

Make every effort to attend school events and parents' meetings

Keep our contact details accurate and up to date

Support the school and its policies as fully as possible

Work with the school to make sure our child behaves well

Encourage our child to have a positive attitude towards school and to always do their best

Make every effort to support our child's learning at home by encouraging them to complete their homework and making sure that their student planner is signed

Avoid taking our child on holiday during term time

Read all correspondence from the school and respond quickly when necessary

Make the school aware of any problems which may affect our child's learning or behaviour


As a student at Sale High School I will do my best to:

Attend school regularly and on time

Be on time for lessons, equipped and ready to learn

Wear the correct school uniform with pride

Work to the best of my ability at all times

Show respect for others both in and out of school

Respect the school environment and the local community

Keep my student planner up to date and make sure my books are used properly and looked after

Record and complete homework on time

Be responsible for taking communications to and from school and home

Have a positive attitude towards, and participate fully in, the life of the school

Help to keep other students in the school safe by avoiding any bullying behaviour and reporting any bullying incidents

Follow the school's Behaviour Policy and co-operate with members of staff