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At Sale High School we believe in working in partnership with our parents and carers for the benefit of our pupils. It is important to us that parents believe in the school and support what we do in providing an education for their children. We value their opinions of our parents and thought you might too so we asked a few of our parents to tell you how they felt about the school. This is what they said;

As parents we are pleased that the school has a caring and nurturing attitude to the individual needs of each pupil, thus encouraging high self esteem in pupils and giving them the confidence they so need.


Melanie Rainey

We were very impressed with the school during our visit [to Open Evening]. The headteacher’s speech was everything you would want to hear from the school you are considering sending your child to. We were also impressed by the first teacher we spoke to, she showed an interest in our views and thoughts as parents and asked questions about our son. The school had a warm and welcoming feel and it really came across how much the children mattered.

Joanne Bentley

Sale High School has high standards in dress code, behaviour and teaching. The headmistress and staff strive to improve the school, making it a better place to be. The exam results speak for themselves.

Carol Watts

You don't know how good anything is until you need support!  I have contacted the school a few times for support regarding my child settling in, the move from Junior to Senior school is a big step.  The school have been amazing with the support they offer, they openly invite you into the school for a face to face meeting and offer many different ways to support.  They discuss any issues with both the Parent and Child which instils confidence in the school. The Head's of House and the Head-teacher have the children's best interest at hearts and this is clearly visible when you speak with them, attend meetings and social events and look around the school.

Shirley-Anne Devereux

I now have 2 children at Sale High and when I first found out my eldest had been allocated a place at Sale High I was concerned as it was not my first choice school.  Now, 3 years down the line and choosing to send my youngest to Sale High I realise how wrong I was.  They are both doing really well and my 14 year old has taken his options and working hard towards his GCSE's.  The teachers are extremely supportive and are always on hand via the phone if there is a query. The children's class planner is another good way of keeping in touch or noting anything down which you may need answering. I actually feel really silly ever worrying about my children going to Sale High, the school has proven me wrong in a number of ways.  I would recommend anyone to step through the door, meet the committed staff and see what Sale High has to offer. I am a caring parent who wants what is best for my children and Sale High has proven beyond doubt that I wouldn't have my children go anywhere else. It is a local school for local children.  The extra-curricular activities arranged by the school are very good and wide ranging.  From one parent to another, give Sale High a chance, don't listen to idle gossip, the school has come a long way and you will not be disappointed by what you find.

Tracy Bradbury

Sale High School is a happy environment to learn in.  My daughter especially enjoys the State of the Art Library which has encouraged her to read more and become a Library Monitor. There are also many sports that are on offer in and after school. Whatever ability the children are encouraged to join. Our daughter enjoyed being part of a very successful Year 7 Netball Team which went on to win their league. She also took part in two Athletic events one of which they won and represented Trafford Schools at the Greater Manchester Indoor Tournament and the second where they came a very close second at Longford Park. Sale High School has many talented children and works hard to develop these talents.

Julie Nash

"Sale High School is our local school and within walking distance of our house.  This was one of the deciding factors for me when choosing a high school, but the most important things about a school for me are that my children are happy and well educated.  For me, Sale High School meets those criteria and more.  The staff are dedicated, competent and approachable. They strike a balance between having a good relationship with the children whilst maintaining discipline and making learning fun.  It's a great school and it gets better every year!"

Joanna Wormald