Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) uphold and embody our school values. They represent the school, developing the school’s reputation across the community and promote teamwork whilst developing their own leadership skills and building their own self-confidence.







All students have been selected based on a rigorous application process and the team work alongside the school’s senior leadership team in driving the school towards becoming outstanding.

The team represents the diversity of Sale High School students as they come together to share and discuss ideas about their education whilst representing our students’ interests.

The JLT focus on bringing the school together and making sure the community is ready, respectful and safe. They deliver assemblies, carry out duties and act as peer mentors for students who may need extra support.

You will recognise the senior ambassadors by their special ties, the house captains by their house colour badges and the junior ambassadors by their badges.

Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies 2017-8

Jake Bloem

Head Boy

Gionny Vernice

Deputy Head Boy

Amisha Sheri

Head Girl

Alice Counsell

Deputy Head Girl

Syd Howard

Junior Head Boy


Isabelle Freeman

Junior Head Girl


House Captains 2017-8


Ruby Travena



Zeena Al-Kaffaf 



Prinom Elom



Lily Fairs


Senior Ambassadors

Natasha Phoenix

Arion Yaghmaee

Iain Bagnall

Rebecca Dyson

Emily Molyneux

Jacob Edge-Spedding

Atlanta Montague

Skye Morrell-Cross

Junior Ambassadors

Jaden Smith-Brown

Kimberleigh Turpin

Heath McGloughlin

Shannon Phoenix

Sophia Bell

Emily Casey

William Martin

Tammy Moore

Finlay Davidson 


Alex Hampshire