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Personal and Financial Education

Pfeg's Centre of Excellence scheme for schools and school clusters aims to raise the level and quality of financial education taught. Sale HIgh School are committed to achieving this award in 2015 and as such has put together the following mission statement. 

Sale High School Financial Education Mission Statement – The goal of our Financial Education curriculum is to provide Sale High students with the information and tools to successfully manage their money now and in the future. Our curriculum will provide information and tools on the following financial topics:

Year 7

  1. Wants and Needs
  2. Credit and Debit
  3. Scams
  4. Charity
  5. Tax

Year 8

  1. Financial Paperwork
  2. Risk & Reward
  3. Investing
  4. Advertising & Pressure
  1. Value for Money

Year 9

  1. Financial Products
  2. Insurance
  3. Using information and advice to make financial decisions
  4. Longer –Term Financial Planning
  5. Budgeting

Year 10

  1. Consumer Rights
  2. Planning borrowing and Saving
  3. Fraud
  4. Managing Risk
  5. Work, Income, Deductions

Our curriculum is delivered during our Super Learning days and through extracurricular activities such as the Money Mentors Programme. We have trained a number of students to be Money Mentors; this involves visits to local Primary schools to run sessions to teach students Financial Education.

Teaching and Learning Personal and Financial Education

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