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We know that Sale High parents are keen to help their children to do well at school. There is also lots of evidence that when parents do get involved in their child's education it can have a huge impact on their achievement. The idea of this pack is to help parents to support and extend their child's learning out of school hours.

Of course, it is as important as ever to help your child with homework but this pack gives ideas and opportunities to extend learning through extended reading, days out, recommended websites and even film and TV.

We hope that this pack will be helpful if you:

  • Would like to encourage your child to read more
  • Have an able child whose learning you would like to stretch further
  • Have a child who is interested in a subject and would like to explore it more
  • Would like to create fresh interest in a topic or subject for your child
  • Would like to have a fun day out which will also help your child learn about topics being studied in school
  • Are wondering how to keep them occupied during the school holidays
  • Want to buy an educational present for your child
  • Want to focus more of your child's spare time on learning
  • Would like to improve your child's understanding

The suggestions are organised by subject and many are by year to help you find the most relevant choices for your child.

We would be interested in any suggestions you have that could be added to the list.

Click here to download the Extended Reading Pack

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