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Revision Guide for Parents

Why encourage your child to revise?

1. It can reduce panic & gives them control and confidence
2. It means exams reflect what they can do, not what they didn't bother to do & show what you know!
3. It can help them to identify problem areas.

Where to start? When to do it?

  • Help them work out how much time they have, being realistic.
  • Get them to take into account their ideal time of day to work & work out when they will revise.
  • Break it down to make it seem manageable. Revising for GCSEs sounds like too much hard work. Revising key French verb ending is do-able.

Should I help with revision?

Research and experience shows that children whose parents/carers take the opportunity to be frequently interested in their child's learning make most progress. Revision should be used to fix the learning beyond the classroom. It can provide the opportunity for learners to reflect on their understanding and extend skills and knowledge in a particular area.You will also get to know your child's particular strengths and difficulties and find out what they are studying. Helping your children with their work is not the same as doing it for them; discussing their work with them strengthens their understanding.

What and how?

Does your child know what they need to know:

  • What will actually be tested in the exam?
  • On what day is the exam?
  • When does the exam start and how long does it last?

 Do they have the notes and material they need?

  • exercise books, textbooks, folders that contain the information they need.
  • Most revision guides have key information already summarised

If there are any gaps, encourage them to ask their subject teacher.

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