1. Staying safe to and from School

    How to make a safe journey

    Walk confidently and purposefully. Be aware of your surroundings. Make as much of your journey as possible with friends.
    ·You can trust train or bus employees in uniform or the police. Other adults who your parents or school don’t know about count as strangers.
    · If you are spoken to by a stranger you can always say that you’ve been told not to talk to strangers.

    · Well-meaning adults would understand. NEVER accept a lift from someone you don’t know, or go with them somewhere.
    · Use a planned route to school and home. Choose well lit busy streets. Avoid short cuts, such as through a park, alleyway, subway, car park, waste ground or deserted area.
    · Work out where safe public places are on your route so you know where to head for if a problem develops. If you have any difficulty with your journey home and you are still close to school, come back into school. Teachers are around until 6:00, when school closes.
    · Headphones are something to think carefully about. You should never use them when walking since you can’t hear traffic. On a bus or train, they stop you from using your listening sense to protect yourself.
    · Keep valuables out of sight. Don’t show off your money, mobile phone etc.
    · On a bus, always travel on the lower deck if at all possible, and within sight of the driver. Do not travel alone (i.e. without anyone else you know) on the upper deck — come downstairs and stand if necessary.
    · On a train or on the Metro, pick a busy area to sit. Do not travel in an empty or nearly empty carriage. If the carriage empties, move to a busier one or near rail staff. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, then move. Don’t just sit there!
    · Take care on the platform – stand back from the edge; mind the gap between the platform and the train or Metro. Stand in sight of any cameras – this deters criminals. Never try to get on or off a moving train or bus. Don’t hang out of windows. Behave yourself!
    · We sometimes get complaints from members of the public. Don’t be too noisy. If you are unhappy about part of the journey which you make, talk to your parents or form teacher for advice.
    · If you get in before your parents, it may be useful to get in a routine of phoning them briefly when you get home. · Any problems and you are near school, return to school


Christmas Charity Launch

This week we have launched our Christmas charity collection of food and gifts for our local food bank. Students are being encouraged to think of other this Christmas and donate to the appeal. The collection runs until the 10th December, any donations should be taken to the Head of House office

Students will receive a raffle ticket in return for their donation which will be entered into a special Christmas draw to win some great prizes! The House with the most items collected will also be rewarded

Our donations will go Trafford South Food Bank. A list of the most needed items can be found below. Any donation no matter how small can make a huge difference to someone’s life and also helps teach our young people to think of other, particularly at Christmas time

If you have a parents evening scheduled before 10 December we will have table available for donations in the hall

Most needed items

Toilet roll
Sanitary towels/tampons
Selection boxes
Tinned food – veg, fruit, soup, tuna, stew, corned beef, beans
Tin openers
Peanut butter
Long life milk
Cuppa soups
Anything that has a long use by date


Poppy Appeal

To inspire our students and get them thinking about remembrance Sunday the art department have created this moving display in the Hall. Well done to all the students who have worked on this. Poppies are available to buy in school at lunch and break time. Look out for our special glitter poppies created by Ms Boardman and her student team

poppy 2 poppy 1

School Production

Huge congratulations to all the cast and crew of ‘Alice in Wonderland Jr.’ Two superb performances were given on the 1st and 2nd of November and Miss Bussell and Mrs Arukavic could not be more proud of you all. Both evenings were a riot of colourful cakes (in the theme of Alice…of course), good company and comedy laughs, what more could you ask for on a night out? We could not have done this without parents, friends, colleagues from other departments and local businesses who supported us on our way; either by assisting on the night or donating raffle prizes. Thank you! A special mention also to Miss Kenny who started the production process with us but has since moved to pastures new. Thank you all, we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did and we will see you in July for the next production

alice web 1alice web 2

Language Ambassadors

The Languages Department have launched a new project to create a team of Ambassadors to promote and support the importance of language learning in school. After a rigourous application and interview process Ms Horn and Ms Payne are pleased to appoint the following students to the role. They were chosen for their talent and committment to the MFL department. Well done to everyone who applied and congratulations to our successful candidates. Language Ambassadors for 2017 are; Lucia Rodriguez, Isabel freeman, Aadya Prakesh, Layla Khan, Yulia Saenz-Miller, Wiktoria Konieczna, Kai Warmisham, Jon Proudman, George Escott, James Cobos, Will Martin and Nathan Dalton