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We value the excellent relationships we have with parents, families and carers and run regular Parent Voice events. To find out more about these events please contact Mrs C Hulton, School Development Officer.   


Parent Voice 2018

We have scheduled a Parent Forum event on 21st November 2018. Further details will follow.

Please click on the link to complete the parent voice survey. We will be exploring the themes that arise from this survey at the event.

Previous events 

November 2018 

Parents of Year 10 were invited to stay after the ‘Welcome to Year 10’ event, on 22nd November 2017, to take part in a parent focus. An invitation was also extended to Years 7 and 8. Parents were asked to comment on the positive aspects and development areas of three main areas in school: assessment, reporting and homework; our mission statement and our vision and values and lastly, parent/home communication.  

The event provided parents and carers with the opportunity to meet our new Headteacher Jayne O’Grady and help shape her plans for the school. The event focussed on 3 main areas;

Home/School communication

Homework and revision

Vision and values for the school


Feedback from the event

Vision, Values and Mission
The school of choice for the local community 

A majority of parents felt that this was important and a key aim. One ’non-Sale’ parent, felt it was important that we didn’t neglect to mention the non-Sale students and that the school was also a ‘school of choice’ for them as well as its local population. As per our admission policy, we welcome applications from students outside the catchment area. However, where applications exceed the number of places, our admission criteria will be followed.

Whilst the majority of parents saw being seen as the school of choice for the community as an important part of our mission and something we should continue to push for, they saw some issues with us achieving it at present. For example, they commented that there were still some residual reservations around the school and we should work on communicating what we do so brilliantly and sharing parents’ success stories, “so that it was ok” for the community to choose Sale High School.  We agree that increased use of social media could demonstrate our successes more widely. We will continue to use the website, social media, our community links and the local press to celebrate Sale High School.

Parents commented that we should also make more of the way our young people conduct themselves in the locality as Sale students behave well. We should also share success stories of our students. We agree and past students will be featuring in our newsletters. We have a newly created alumni display in reception and continue to use online platforms to celebrate our students. We would also like to encourage parents and the community to share their positive experiences of our school and students in the community. Please email any information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to write a parent testimonial to feature in our publicity please also get in touch.

Parents felt that the school had a real heart and soul that made it the heart of the community and that this should be shared...

Read the full feedback report here