Code of Conduct 

We believe that excellent behaviour is crucial in order to ensure that teaching staff can teach excellent lessons, students can learn and achieve to their maximum potential and that all members of the school community can work in a happy and safe environment. We know that students behave positively when a true partnership exists between school and home and strive to work closely with parents and carers.


At Sale High School we have three simple school rules that we expect all students to adhere to:




As a school we work hard to recognise excellent behaviour and conduct and believe that rewards and recognition are the most effective way to manage behaviour. Rewards can be awarded for effort, respectfulness, being ready to learn and engage, creating a safe environment in school and attendance.

They include:

    Hot Chocolate with the Head Teacher
    Postcards and positive notes home
    Wrist Bands
    Phone calls home
    Invitation to the Awards Evening


Our behaviour management system is based on a system of choice and consequence. We believe that students are in control of their own behaviour and if they choose to act in a certain way, they must accept the consequences of that choice. For further information please refer to the school’s Behaviour Policy.

SHS Behaviour Policy