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Homework at Sale High School

The setting and completion of homework is an essential part of learning at Sale High School. Homework is a key strategy for student progress and is used to achive the following: to consolidate and embed learning and progress made in the classroom; to prepare students for a new topic; to stretch and challenge; to help students to develop independent study skills and habits and to catch up on work missed through absence. Parents are a vital support in this process and can help their children organise time and make sure a suitable space for self-study is put aside. Students are responsible for recording homework in their student planner but every homework is also published on ‘Show My Homework’ so that parents and carers can track what homework their child has been set and when it is due.  

Show My Homework

Although students continue to carry planners in school, all homework is set online by the teacher.  This can be accessed through the Show My Homework (SMHW) website and a free-to-download App which all parents and students need to download.


  • Access from anywhere at
  • Access with free iOS and Android apps (available on the Apple App Store and on Google play)
  • Or access via the school’s website, even if you forget your login!




Most parents and students are already finding SMHW to be really useful but if you have not yet accessed it please help to support your child by visiting the website, downloading the free App and tracking your child’s homework on a regular basis.  In this way you can make sure that they are completing all homework tasks, keeping to the same deadlines as their classmates and so support their progress.


  • Show My Homework enables staff to set multiple choice and spelling tests. We have found that because many phones do not support the software needed to use these functions it is usually best to complete these on a PC, laptop or tablet.
  • The phone app is mainly for checking deadlines and reminders that homework is due rather than the actual completion of work.
  • Parental logins enable parents to see what homework has been set but not to complete any online tasks such as the SMHW quizzes and spelling tests. SMHW quizzes and tests need to be completed using the child’s own login.
  • If anyone does not have a PC/laptop/tablet we have a lot of computers in school which are available at break, lunch and after school including Thursday afternoons. Community libraries are also well equipped with computers for public use.
  • When staff set homework which requires the use of the internet or a computer they will allow enough time for students who do not have access to a computer at home to access school or public facilities.
  • There is a facility on SMHW which indicates if a homework has been submitted or not but the school is not currently using that feature (although some individual members of staff have chosen to do so with some classes). We are currently using SMHW for the setting of homework and the communication of deadlines so that parents can support their child in the completion of any that is set. We would expect subject teachers to contact parents by telephone or in writing if there was a problem with the persistent non-completion of homework.
  • If a child forgets their SMHW login details they can still access SMHW by following the link on the school website and using the same login details that they use to log onto the school network (and which are almost impossible to forget given how frequently they use them in school!).


Hints for a Homework Area


How much homework should my child be doing?

We recommend;

Year 7/8   1 hour a day
Year 9 1 - 2 hours a day
Year 10/11 1.5 - 2.5 hours a day  



Homework is set by individual class teachers at least once a week per subject (core subjects have more lessons per week and so set more homework).
Form tutors complete regular planner checks and will inform parents if patterns of non-completion occur. Each Head of House monitors a sample of planners and any causes for concern are followed through.

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