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  • Be positive about your child's attempts. Make an appointment with school if you are concerned about their progress.
  • It's a good idea if your child has a break and something to eat before starting revision.
  • Be patient! Help your child to become an independent learner. Explain how to look up information or find a word in a dictionary rather than simply giving them the answer in order to get the task finished.
  • Don't let working together become a chore. Make it a special time that you can both enjoy.
  • Turn off the television while revision is underway, but do let your child work to music if they find it helpful. Agree a place and a time for help -  listening while you do another chore can work too.
  • It doesn't need to be a marathon session; little and often is usually best.
  • Recognise your own emotional state - if you are tense or worrying about something else, it might not be a good time to work with your child.
  • Don't be afraid to STOP if it isn't going well. Try to agree what the difficulty is and when to come back together later.
  • ALWAYS end with praise(they'll feel good, you'll feel good) It should be enjoyable for both of you!

Useful websites
Advice on helping your child
A gateway to revision sites for every subject
Lots of advice about revision
You can watch videos aimed at teachers and pupils online there are revision programmes/ literacy and numeracy programmes on each week.

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