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Sale High School prides itself on being an extremely inclusive school. Our aim is to keep students in mainstream education by meeting their needs through a variety of initiatives. This includes additional support in our inclusion centre (ICE), Learning Support Base and in the classroom. We have a dedicated team of support staff who work with individual and groups of students to ensure all young people reach their potential.

The school was awarded the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Inclusive Award at extending level in January 2009.

The verifier from the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust confirmed what we all ready felt the school had achieved. ‘This is a school with inclusion at its heart, a positive ethos and a ‘can-do’ approach to staff and pupil achievement’.
The inclusion centre, ICE (Inclusion, Care and Education), has been developed out of a need to support those students who for many reasons are at risk of not achieving their potential. These include, children in care, young carers, those with emotional, social and behavioural needs and those from families under stress.
The Learning Support Base works together with the inclusion centre to support students who have additional barriers to learning such as specific learning difficulties like dyslexia.

The main aims of inclusion at Sale High School are:

  • To identify as early as possible barriers to learning
  • To target support at those students experiencing multiple disadvantages and who are at risk of exclusion
  • To support students and their families by developing a range of support strategies
  • To support whole school improvement targets and provide a ‘best value’ service
  • To provide a focal point for multi-agency work

Sale High School is proud of the achievement of its students, especially those with additional needs. Results for 2011 show once again that our inclusive policy has enabled those young people to get excellent results and overcome barriers to learning. Parents consistently report that they are pleased with the support offered. ‘ICE has been brilliant for him’. ‘He is really happy here.’ Standards and expectations are seen as high by parents.
Further integration of our support for students is planned for the new academic year. This will include a merging of ICE and LSB work and an even closer link with the pastoral team, and with such a dedicated staff it is envisaged that Sale High will continue with its commitment to inclusion by providing effective learning opportunities for all our students by:

  • Setting suitable learning challenges
  • Responding to students’ diverse needs
  • Overcoming potential barriers to learning

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Sale High School, Norris Road, Sale, M33 3JR

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