Multi Academy Trust

Over the last 12 months, we have explored a range of options around academy conversion and built strong ties with a local trust that we may be part of. This would enable Sale High School to be part of the Hamblin Educational Trust, along with 3 other local schools and will enable the School to further strengthen its position in the local community.



What is an Academy & A Multi Academy Trust?

An academy is a state school which is independent of the Local Authority, these academies then collaborate together to create a  multi-academy trust (MAT) which operates as  single organisation established to improve and maintain high educational standards across a number of schools.  Through collaboration and partnership, the schools are able to share expertise and resources to improve standards.  A MAT has responsibility for the overall governance, finance and performance of the schools within it.


Why does Sale High School want to become an Academy?

We want to secure academic success for our students in the local community and to help other schools reach the same high standards.  Our experience and proven outcomes mean Sale High School is very well placed to help develop other schools and fulfil a moral purpose to benefit more students locally.  Sale High School has an excellent team of ambitious, hard-working staff securing good and outstanding results across the curriculum - it is imperative for the future success of our students that we are able to retain these staff and develop them further as education leaders.  We also feel it is a moral duty to share expertise and learn from other institutions.  We are seeking to be financially sustainable as a school and within the current economic climate, there is an imperative to seek the financial benefits that come with being in a MAT, such as access to funding, grants and potential savings in business services and other costs.  This will allow for more resources to be made available to our students.


What is the H.E.T?

The Hamblin Education Trust was established in 2015, initially to incorporate North Cestrian School (an Independent school) into the state sector alongside Altrincham Grammar School for Boys which had been a single academy since 2011.  Both Sale High School and Stretford Grammar School plan to join this small MAT and so form a four school MAT in the local area.  The four schools will be equal partners and work together to develop an exciting and collaborative local trust which will benefit the local community.


What's next?

Now that the consultation period is over, all four schools are completing 'due diligence' using accountants and solicitors to ensure any issues are resolved.  If all parties are satisfied, the aim is to become a 4 school MAT in September 2017.

Please see the documents below for more extensive information. 



Multi-Academy Trust FAQs and Consultation Responses