Mission and Values

Sale High School aims to be the school of choice in the community, developing an ambitious learning climate of high expectations & aspirations. All leaders are conspicuosly successfull in inspiring students to meet ambitious targets, be respectful, safe and independant learner.






Achievement & Attainment

Celebrate individual and collective achievement Achievement of academic potential and outstanding progress

Career and personal development for staff at all levels.

The school of choice in the community

Working in partnership with parents and carers, so all learners reach their full potential.

Making a positive contribution to the wider community.

Teaching and Learning 

High expectations through a positive learning culture.

Creating a varied and enriched curriculum to meet student aspirations 

Engaging all students for a love of learning

Behaviour & Safety  

Students are polite, happy and have positive attitudes to learning 

A culture that is caring and supportive 

Consideration, co operation and appreciation of diversity



All leaders and conspicuously successful in inspiring students to meet ambitious targets

Students develop leadership skills, have good manners and show mutual respect

Support and celebrate other peoples development