27th March 2019

Dear parent/carer,

I can’t believe we are already at the end of our spring term, two thirds of the year through already! It has been, as
always, a really exciting and eventful term. Our newsletter that will be sent on the last day of term next Friday, will
give you a sense of the brilliant range of different activities which students have been involved in, including our plastics
reduction campaign, which I will be giving some more information about here, and much more!
Year 11 parents will be receiving an additional letter shortly from Mr Williams, head of year 11, regarding attending
GCSE revision classes over the spring term break. Please ensure they are attending as many of these sessions as
possible, not just the ones they see as ‘being important’: all their subjects are important! Parents are also asked to
support their year 11 sons and daughters in producing (and sticking to) their revision timetables. Year 11 students
have also identified which topics and which subjects they need to concentrate on and which they find more difficult.
Please make sure they are revising their key priority subject areas, not just those subjects they like! Thank you for all
your support with this.

We want to remind parents/carers of uniform and behaviour standards and attach our uniform policy to reiterate
what is acceptable uniform, especially school shoes. Please note, John McHugh, Stretford Mall shall now be selling clip
on ties, should your son or daughter need a new one. A reminder: we don’t allow any piercings other than one piercing
in each ear.

Sale High School Against Plastics. We are completely committed to reducing any negative impact we may have on the
environment. Students have had brilliant assemblies, led by Mr Pearson, looking at the environment impact we are
having, particularly through the use of single use plastics. Last year students spent in our canteen £9,000 on plastic,
water bottles and £42, 000 on other drinks in plastic bottles, including flavoured water and juice. The key slogan of
the environmental movement is ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ we will be asking parents and students to help us in this
after our return from the holiday. We will no longer be selling plastics bottles of drink but instead will be selling Sale
High School re fillable bottles in the canteen. These will be priced at £1.50 –less than the cost of two disposal bottles
of water. Students can buy these at the canteen using our cashless system. We have invested in two more fresh water
dispensers to ensure that there are places in school to ‘fill up’. Of course, students can also bring their own re fillable
bottles from home. We are putting a number of other environmental initiatives in place, training up ‘Eco Warriors’
who will take the lead and reducing our use of plastics and upping our recycling across school.

We would like to remind parents and carers of students who cycle to school to ask that you speak to them about
cycling with care. There have been a small number of incidents reported from drivers in the community of students
not wearing cycle helmets, or cycling with due care. We appreciate many pupils ride responsibly and we appreciate
your ongoing support – thank you.

Please can we politely remind parents who pick up and drop off their children to and from school, to please park with
consideration. Please abide by the road markings, these are in effect for the safety of the children crossing the road
and exiting school. Additionally, please do not park across the neighbours’ driveways or on the grass verges.
I would like to remind you that we close on Friday 29th March 2019 at 3.15 pm and return to school on Monday 15th
April at the usual time. We have two 4-day weeks following the spring term break; as we close on Thursday 18th April
and return on Tuesday 23rd April after the Easter break.

Best wishes for a happy, peaceful and relaxing spring term and Easter break and in the case of year 11s, an opportunity
to embed their learning before their exams.

Best wishes,

J. O’Grady
Head Teacher

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Parent View, your support as always is much appreciated.