15 July 2019


Dear Parents and carers

I hope this letter finds you fit and well. We have a number of brilliant events before we break up for the summer and should have a great end to a really good year!

We break up on Friday 19th July at 12:15pm. I wanted to share some key dates and information with you before then.

Changes to Pastoral Team form September

As we start a new year, heads of year will move up through school with their year group. The exceptions are for year 7 and 11. As you will be aware, we have a permanent head of year7 and year 11 who are also assistant heads and members of the senior leadership team at Sale High. 

Year 7   Mr Scully

Year 8   Mrs Boardman

Year 9   Mr Worrall

Year 10 Mrs Varley

Year 11 Mr Williams

Form tutors

Your child may have a change of form tutor from September; as pupil numbers have increased, we have added in additional tutors to retain the balance of different years in each form group. You will receive a Groupcall message with your child’s tutor’s name. Form tutors are the first point of contact with school and we ask parents to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the form tutor if they have any queries or concerns

Summer school

This will run for new Year 7 students from 29th July to 2nd August 2019.

Summer closure

The school office will be closed to all queries from 12.30 pm on the 19th July and will reopen at 9:00 on the 19th August. During the week of summer school, we will only be able to respond to queries that are summer school related.  Teaching staff will not be available to respond to any queries over the summer break. We are unable to respond to any messages sent via Show My Homework or Facebook. Administrative staff are on limited hours over the summer and we cannot guarantee to respond to any query speedily until the return in September. Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

We close on Friday 19th at 12.15. Hot food will be available in an extended mid-morning brunch that day. The school bus has been ordered for 12.15. This will be a non-uniform day. Students will be having a form time ‘party’ before leaving site and might wish to bring refreshments in.

See overleaf

Return to school

Students return to school on Wednesday September 4th.

Year 7 students will arrive at 8:45 am via the dining hall entrance at the front of school.

Year 11 students arrive at 10:15 am via the dining hall entrance, to receive their ‘mock’ GCSE results and have an assembly. This will be followed by form time, new timetables and expectations for year 11.

Years 8, 9 & 10 to arrive at 10:45 at the student entrance and go to their form rooms: all lessons will resume at 11:35 am after break.


We plan to trial sending weekly Group call emails to parents on a Friday each week, as opposed to sending messages daily. We will ask you to review this at the end of September.

Uniform and equipment

As we approach the summer holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to seek your support in ensuring our students come back in September ready for school and able to start the new term in a positive and purposeful manner.

As you are aware, students are permitted to wear one pair of small stud earrings.  If you are allowing them to have any additional piercings this holiday, please ensure this is in the first week and healed, and removed ready for the first day of school. Students who arrive in September will be asked to remove any additional piercings and those that refuse will be placed in internal exclusion until piercings have been removed. Obviously, we wish to avoid this, so would ask for your help and support in this matter.

We have seen an increase in the number of students wearing trainers in school. It is essential that for September, all students have proper school shoes. I have attached a copy of the acceptable shoes document with this letter. Students who wear trainers to school will be asked to wear school pumps from student services and serve a standards detention. Students who persistently breach school rules and wear trainers for school will be removed from circulation and parents invited in to discuss the issue. Trainers are only permitted in school when accompanied with a doctor’s note for medical reasons.

I would also like to seek support around false nails, excessive make up, sleeveless gilets and all other non-school uniform items. The expectation for all students is that they arrive in full school uniform. Thank you so much for your support with this!

Finally, we would like to respond to an urgent request from the Trussell Trust (who run the food bank) you will remember we donated loads of food at Christmas. The 6-week summer holidays is their busiest time – children are at home and there is no free midday meal at school. Please could you send in items such as tinned food, pasta, rice, and toiletry items over the next week? We will do this instead of our charitable donations on the last own clothes day on the 19th July. This will really make a difference to many families over the summer.

It has been a lovely term. Thank you for all your help and support.

Have a great summer break! We are looking forward to working with your children in September when we start all over again!


Jayne O’Grady,

Head Teacher


Link to uniform policy: http://www.salehighschool.org.uk/images/download/policy/uniform_June2019.pdf