Vivo Miles


In September 2011 Sale High School adopted a new reward scheme to encourage students to raise attainment levels and also enhance their learning experience. At the School we recognise the importance of praise as a means of motivating students. We also encourage students to become active members of the School community and take greater responsibility for their own independent learning.

From September 2011 we have been using the latest web based reward system called Vivo Miles across the School. It is a complete rewards system which is currently being used in many schools nationally and was recently awarded the prestigious ‘BETT Award’ for innovation in leadership and management.

How does it work?

Students will be provided with a Vivo card and their own secure personal access details for their account online. Teachers will reward students with Vivo’s via the Schools Vivo management portal. Vivo’s will be accumulated each day will then be synced with the Vivo website in which students can then log on to their account and monitor their progress.

Students will amass Vivo’s and are then able to redeem them for a variety of items on the Vivo online shop. The exact contents of the Vivo online shop will be discussed with students through our Student Voice Councils but may be in the form of cinema tickets or perhaps the option of redeeming their Vivos as a charitable donation. Students can choose when to ‘cash in’ on their reward choosing to buy smaller items or save for a bigger purchase. Examples of items currently in our School Vivo online shop are school equipment, sports equipment, mobile phone top up vouchers, key rings and ipods etc.

All items redeemed through the exchange of Vivo’s will be delivered to the School for distribution to the correct student once Vivo’s and purchases have been validated by a member of School staff. This is purely to prevent the fraudulent purchase of items by student(s) through an account that is not their own.

What are the benefits?

The Vivo Miles model is designed to help schools deliver the government's 'Every Child Matters' objectives - be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing. We also hope Vivo’s will encourage personal responsibility and choice with a view to ensuring high levels of achievement and conduct within the Academy and the local community.

What are the drawbacks

None really. It relies on students taking ownership and responsibility for their learning and conduct.

Parent Portal

Vivo Miles parent portal is where you can find out about your child’s success and rewards within school.

All parents will;

* Have their own personal login which they can use to access their child's rewards balance and full transaction history

* View stats and trends on how their child is earning Vivo’s in terms of how many, for which areas and from which teachers

* Set-up instant, daily, weekly and monthly email alerts on their child's rewards

* Add several children at the same school to one single login

* Pledge treats based on the number of Vivos earned at school

If you haven’t received login details in the post and wish to use this service then please send an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.