Well done to Zoe Beswick, Christina Croitor, Alicia Jin, Francis Miller, Coen Austin, Jacob Baines, Emily Cassy, Elise Short and Jordan Broadie who have all excelled in Sale High School's Accelerated Reader programme. Accelerated Reader is a web-based reading resource that allows the literacy team to regularly test students' reading ages and monitor and reward their reading. Online reading tests provide essential information for each student, including a reading age and ZPD. A student's ZPD identifies the level of book that a student should be reading. For example, a student with a ZPD of 3.0 - 4.5 should be reading a book within that range. The books in our library are colour-coded and labelled with their appropriate ZPD level, thus allowing students to pick books appropriate for their ability. As students finish their reading books they are encouraged to complete online quizzes for which they receive points and prizes.  The aforementioned students have been rewarded for the achievements; 

Highest points earned

7 Zoe Beswick 118.4

8 Christina Croitor 184.3

9 Alicia Jin 40.7

Special mention: Zoe Beswick passed the quizzes on 13 books, averaging 93.1%  

Highest Average % correct in quizzes

7 Francis Miller 100%

8 Coen Austin  100%

9 Jacob Baines  100%

Quizzes passed

7 Emily Casey 15

8 Elise Short 19

9 Jordan Brodie 12

Well done to everyone involved.